Thermal Curing Blankets for Concrete
  • Preserve concrete curing strengths in cold weather
  • Moderate concrete curing in hot weather
  • Re-usable

What does TCB stand for? Thermal Curing Blanket. When we say thermal, we’re referring to both cold and hot extremes.

CONQOR TCBs are designed for use in concrete construction when ambient temperatures are particularly low or high.

Concrete curing in low ambient temperatures (below 10°C) will take longer to achieve desired strength, conversely curing in high ambient temperatures (over 32°C) encourages uneven curing and shrinkage cracking.

CONQOR TCBs will protect the concrete while curing and allow it to achieve desired strength in a shorter time frame.

CONQOR TCBs reduce the temperature differential between the core and surface curing temperatures.

CONQOR TCBs also assist in reducing shrinkage.


Note: TCB’s are available on a per-order basis. Please contact us for stock availability.

Min. Quantity: 3 rolls

$510.63$806.25 exc. GST

How it works.

CONQOR TCB contains a layer of thermal insulation, sandwiched within a durable woven polyethylene cover. This insulation protects against heat loss or gains.

The thermal insulation protects against heat loss on the surface, while the polyethylene cover protects against heat from direct sunlight. This will also help protect the concrete from natural elements such as rain and wind.

Product info & docs.

Downloadable product information, technical data sheets, MSDS and architectural specifications.

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