The Ultimate Concrete Water Curing Blanket
  • Superior water retention
  • Reduced trapped air
  • Preserve even surface appearance

One of our long-standing popular products – CONQOR HYDRACURE preserves consistent appearance while curing, where floor slabs will be exposed.

CONQOR HYDRACURE water curing blanket is a synthetic wet curing cover, made of synthetic fibres that evenly wick water across the slab, providing a continuous supply of moisture for a gradual and controlled curing environment.


Note: HYDRACURE blankets are available on a per-order basis. Please contact us for stock availability.

Coverage: 325 m2
Min. Quantity: 4 rolls

$698.75 exc. GST

How it works.

CONQOR HYDRACURE concrete curing blankets effectively trap water, providing improved hydration, less discolouration and a more evenly cured concrete slab than other blankets on the market.

CONQOR HYDRACURE curing blankets non-woven, synthetic fabric traps and retains water and provides a 100 percent humidity condition below the cover, effectively trapping water, and providing improved hydration, less discolouration and a more evenly cured concrete slab.

Product info & docs.

Downloadable product information, technical data sheets, MSDS and architectural specifications.

Bulk Quantities?

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Shipping & Delivery.

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For answers to common questions about CONQOR products, discover more in our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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