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Concrete Sealing & Hardening Treatment
  • Seals the concrete internally
  • Anti-dust hardening
  • Enhances crack self-healing

A very versatile treatment! Ideal for concrete floors under traffic, and for preserving soffits and ceilings against dusting.

CONQOR SEAL is a penetrating hydrogel concrete sealer, applied to the surface of concrete to provide surface hardening, anti-dusting, and curing assistance.

Coverage: 7m2 /L
Min. Quantity: 80 L

$369.00 exc. GST

Title Range Discount
20% discount on 960 L 48 + 20%

Licensed to use the Eco Choice Aotearoa Ecolabel, which is recognised by GBCA and NZGBC.

How it works.

CONQOR SEAL concrete sealer is a permanent, clear treatment/preservative/sealant solution for new or old concrete. CONQOR SEAL will seal and harden the concrete matrix, with anti-dusting benefits. CONQOR SEAL has a highly reactive catalytic agent which reacts with free alkali and/ or alkaline hydrates internally, producing a silica hydrogel which fills the pore spaces and the voids around aggregate.

CONQOR SEAL provides a curing assistance by incorporating moisture to improve hydration, surface hardening and antidusting qualities, with the concrete surface “work hardening” over a period of time.

CONQOR SEAL does not affect normal concrete colour or appearance. CONQOR SEAL is particularly suited to exposed floor slabs under traffic or load, for example warehouses, data centres, exposed retail floors and car parks. CONQOR SEAL will not contribute to tyre squeal, making it ideal for use on car park floor slabs requiring a non-squeal finish.

Product info & docs.

Downloadable product information, technical data sheets, MSDS and architectural specifications.

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For answers to common questions about CONQOR products, discover more in our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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